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  Print Covers
Rangoli Print Covers the wide range of Printing Thickners especially developed to insure & low properties and obtain maximum clarity of paste.
Range %Concentration Water PH Appearance
Print Tx 3-3.5 96.5.97 9.5-10 Lemon Yellow
Print White 2-2.5 98.5-97 7-7.5 White Golden
Print AGBV 8-9 91-92 9.5 Yellow
   Preparation of the Paste
The Print Powder is added carefully to the cold water using a High speed stirres, taking care to avoid the form ation of lumps, Paste should be beft oven night - before use tin thickness have on reducing effect on any duestuff and are not effected by handiness of water.
   Lonic Base
All the Grades are non ionic.
Stability :- Some weeks in the normal conditions. Stability to Acid alkli and Metalic : Good with Quantity normally used in printing paste. The thicker coagulates with borax, boric Acid in alkaline conditions.
   Grade & Dyestuff
1. Print T.X.  : Indigosol-Steaming & Nitrsic precoces. Vat in all Precoces, Direct-good results, Direct copper treatable, Acid azoic bases - very good results.
2. Print White  : It is Completely suitable for Proccian & Silcate Proccess. It gives fully colour value & Brightness. It can be washed off fully leaving the fabric with full colour depth brightness & soft handle.
3. Print AGBV  : (Alkaline grade broad viscosity) Indigosol- aluminum chlorale Proccess. Vat dyes, Direct copper treatable Disperse dyes, Alcians dyes, Allkaline discharge azaic & azaic salt base dyes.
When using allkine PH, AGBV in print recipes for acid, disperse, cationic base dye. Neutralised with acetic acid, Use the citric or Trataric acid in the place of acrtic acid for fixation of disperse dyes or polyester & deshine silk.

The broacher is practical guide to the applications of varous grade of print thickers in the textile printing.

We remain at the disposal of our clients for any technical assistance inquiry by them.
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